Johann Stan
Patent Examiner in Information Retrieval (G06F17/30), European Patent Office,
The Hague, Netherlands

Consultancy in Patents, Innovation, Big Data

Johann Stan is Patent Examiner at European Patent Office. He has a PhD in Computer Science, and he is passionate about innovation, research and development.

One of the great challenges corporations and organizations face today is selecting technology that best fits their needs. As an internationally recognized expert in data science (open/big/smart data) and armed with an engineering and research background, I have assisted corporations and government institutions overcome challenges in semantic web technologies and user-adaptive systems and assisted international institutions such as the World Bank define their open data strategy. I acted as a researcher in natural language processing and machine learning for the National Institutes of Health and I am working with some of the world's largest funding frameworks, such as H2020.

What can I do for you?

  • Data Strategy Definition

    Selecting the right technology for your organization or project means looking ahead as to what the future had in store. It is necessary to have the right experience in leading and emerging technical environments and application domains and the ability to envision the future to ensure that your infrastructure doesn't become obsolete in a couple of years - it has to endure and be ready for what will happen next.

    As an author of 10 patents and contributor to international publications in the field of semantic technologies, I can help you and your organization in the various areas related to data science and innovation. This includes information retrieval, database selection and direct investments in big data technologies. I can help you formulate the strategy that will firmly establish you in this emerging market of tomorrow. I can further provide seminars on big data technologies, such as map reduce, Hadoop, HDFS, Pig, Hive etc.

  • Patents

    I can provide your company a training in patents. You will learn what a patent is, what are the criteria for obtaining it, such as novelty, inventive step. Also, filing routes such as the PCT will be covered and I can further assist you in writing the patent application.


Author of patents, publications and prototypes in various scientific fields, such as information extraction and privacy preservation, Johann is interested in developing technology that improves people’s lives. He is an expert in natural language processing technologies, machine learning and knowledge management. Johann has developed methods to extract meaningful information from both unstructured content, such as tweets, and structured content, such as drug package inserts.

Johann is organizing international workshops in these fields on a regular basis. He is also member of the board of experts of the European Young Innovators Forum, sitting as our Open Data Expert, and founder of TEDxTarguMures, an independently organized TED event.


What is the most likely "Killer App" for Semantic Web technology?

Web Search - 25%
Enterprise Apps - 0%
Vertical Apps - 12.5%
None - it's not real anyway - 12.5%
Other - 12.5%
Social Networks - 37.5%

Total votes: 8
The voting for this poll has ended on: 05 Aug 2011 - 14:04


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